Blog Love

Alright, so Tractor Tracks gave me a Blog Love award, so I'm passing on the love...it's supposed to be that I pass it on to 5 more people, but I can only think of a few.

To Kyle J. (aka "That Paramedic Student is a Stress Case")
Your blogs are always a good read, and I can definitely relate to almost all of what you say.

To Epijunky (aka "Pink Warm and Dry")
Your posts always provide good information, and range from the super humorous to the heartbreaking. Oh, and I love your tattoo :)

To AD (aka "Ambulance Driver" of "Ambulance Driver Files")
You're one of the main reasons I started blogging. You have a wonderful writing style, and I love seeing your posts pop up on my feed.

To BRM (aka "Blue Ridge Medic")
You're posts are so eloquent and truly touching. It's so refreshing to read your posts and see just how human you are.

So steal the image from my sidebar and pass on the love!

Oh, and there's another post coming tonight or tomorrow.



Kyle J. said...

Thanks for the love! I shall return it on my next post, i'm still trying to decide which run i want to write a story on.

911DOC said...

please link us if you like us! good luck in your studies. i have a close association with paramedics and just love you guys.

Ambulance Driver said...

Awwww, thanks for the love, Sam!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the love, wow , i am so happy to be thought of, steverino