A small rant

[[Alright, due to some thoughts about "Jason" reading the blogs and knowing they are about him, Jason Parts 1 and 2 have been taken down. I have them saved on my personal computer and all that jazz.

Here's the thing though, folks:
If you want to tell me something, then by all means tell me. Email me, post it in a comment, whatever. But have the chutzpah to do it with a name. Tell me who you are, don't be "anonymous." And if you don't have a blogger, then sign your anonymous post with a name, or send me an email and *sign* it. I don't mind harsh words, I don't. But please at least tell me who you are.

In response to the comment:
I wasn't actually going to get back into the swing of things once he was single. That was just me saying that there was no way it was going to happen now that he has a girlfriend. I was hurt, so I froze up and said the first thing that came to mind.
I have moved on. I don't know how many of you realize this, but this blog is a little retroactive. I'm catching up on past events, so everything you're reading happened a while ago. Now I'm cut loose to drive, I'm an EMT, etc. This "Jason" nonsense happened back in March, and I'm way past it. It's called artistic license, guys.
I appreciate the comment, I really do. It made me feel relatively good because somebody else saw through his trash and called me "good looking" and "smart." Thank you. I have self-confidence (a great deal, trust me), but sometimes when a guy comes along that makes you swoon, you forget who you are as a person.

So basically, all I'm asking is this:
Have the decency to leave me comments with names. It really makes all the difference. And if you don't want other people reading it, then email me. It's in the profile.

I should have another post up either tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for reading so much, it really makes my day to see comments show up in my inbox. Seriously, over 1,300 views in a few weeks!? You have no idea how awesome that makes me feel!

I'm sorry for the rant, it just really got to me today for some reason. Sorry guys.


Edit (4/2/08):I decided to put the posts about Jason back up.]]


Anonymous said...

It was anonymous because you don't know me. I'm just someone who happened upon your blog through a series of other links, and leaving my name would be just as anonymous as not leaving it. The signature of the comment does not change it's content. They're just my observations from reading what you've wrote... don't get all upset about it and take the entries down based on the first impressions of one random internet user. I was just trying to offer some insight and perhaps help. Sorry if I offended.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry your going through all this, but I actually dont have a blog account because my writings are terrible. I dont know what comment your talking about but I hope it wasnt too mean. I thought your writings were very good- but I guess sometimes popularity attracts crowds of people you dont want... Hope this helps


Medic 61 said...

I don't know almost everyone who comments on my blog. I guess I'm just used to names.
I didn't take them down based on first impressions, but rather due to the fact that my blog is getting more popular amongst members at my station, and eventually he would see it. We're still friends so that wouldn't end well.
I do appreciate your comment--nothing offended me, no worries. I hope you continue to read.

No worries about not having a blog! I'm just happy that you read and comment!


Anniforscia said...

I'm really intrigued as to what that comment said. I continue to love you.


Anonymous said...

sheesh, what a whiner JJ ;-) Steverino
seroisly though when are we getting to the parts where "the steve" saves the day and such?

Kyle J. said...

I can't hide my name!! Regardless i do think you're smart and good looking also.

Medic 61 said...

Aw, well thank you Kyle :)
You guys are all so sweet!