Happy New Year!

I do hope that this new year finds you healthy and happy!

In this year, I:
Became an EMT
Got a set of amazing roommates
Made a few enemies
Had some amazing nights with some amazing people
Learned how to trust myself
Challenged myself
Had mononucleosis
Had my appendix out
Met an amazing person that I can't wait to learn more about each day
Learned how to be uncontrollably happy
Smiled a lot

I rang in the new year with my mom, dad, roommate, roommate's fiance, roommate's sister, roommate's sister's boyfriend, and my roommate's parents. We went out for a very nice dinner with an unbelievable creme brulée to end. Then we came back just in time to watch the ball drop, have some Asti Spumonte, and help my roomie start her 101 things.

My 101 things (http://emtsam101.blogspot.com) are going to commence as soon as possible, and I am ridiculously excited about them. I encourage you to make a list too--it's a lot of fun.

Happy New Year :)

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Scott said...

Mono? Sam, who was the lucky (and sick) fella you were smoochin' with?