Heath Ledger

...is dead!?

Here is the article

And for you skeptics, here's another from the Washington Post.

Okay, now I'm not one of those freak-out fan-girl types, but...Heath Ledger is dead!? He was supposed to be in Batman :(


Anonymous said...

Yes Sam,

Life always happens...not that you would know...Life does not happen to you.

emergencyem said...

Have no fear, they're already done filming Batman.

Kyle J. said...
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Kyle J. said...

As an Illinois State licensed paramedic, i do believe my physical assessment has proved her to be quite alive, therefore life is happening.

Anonymous said...


I would like to just apologize for my rude comments...

I was thinking about it last night, and I was being a huge jerk...I should not have acted in such a negative way like I did. Life does happen however.

By the way, I have not said this to you but, you are going to be an excellent paramedic. Keep going...let no one tell you...including me that you can't do it. Later.