On the Brain

I hate how sometimes something can happen that completely consumes you. No matter what, even if it didn't happen to you, you can't stop thinking about it.

Case in point:
The VT shootings of April 16th. I have a ton of friends who go there, and for some reason it truly affected me. In class, in my room, at the station, I couldn't get it out of my head. It brought up bad memories and it drove me insane.

And once again, something has happened to somebody else, and it is terrifying. In my apartment, at the library, while I study, it's always there. Once again brings up bad memories, and it's driving me insane.

Does anybody else have this problem where something that doesn't happen to you ends up affecting you to no end? Just wondering.


Alaina said...

More than ever now, I know what you mean. Car crashes and shootings and all sorts of deaths happen every day, but it still doesn't make it easier when something strikes so close to home.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sam I do. It is natural for you or me or anyone else to have those sort of thoughts and feelings. It is biological natural...however, if I was you however, try to not let those thoughts circle all around in your head. Thank you for sharing that Sam...and bless your mother for me...seems that she is working too hard. Tell her to slow down. By the way Sam,

could I call you the "redhead bombshell"? I just came up with that yesterday in church.


Odie said...

yup, definitely know what you're going through.

I go through it quite regularly, especially affected me personally due to some unfinished business that will never be finished because this person died too soon.

Its rough, you know how to get at me if you need to just vent.

Anonymous said...

Usually, I would not say this but, I was noticing your LiveJournal site...and, I think it is wonderful that you feel that way that you feel about yourself. I wish that many other people would express that geninue open-ness like you have. I am proud of you. And "knowing" you, because I feel that I hardly know you, I know that you are being very honest. Like I have said, I think that you are a sexy little fox...I really do mean that. I just wish that, I could have told this to you a little more privately then this...but I just had to say something, because I am a Scorpio, and Scorpios are completely everywhere!!!!!

Sorry Sam.

The Knitting Nikki said...

Oh, man. That makes me feel a little better about my obsessions. :D But I totally forgot to mention the box of scrapbook paper, the four embroidery hoops, and the countless antiques!