Radio Free Nation

I had the privilege to be interviewed by Marty Owings for Radio Free Nation. It was a completely painless experience (no scary questions, unlike my philosophy final), and I encourage you all to shoot him an email should you know someone you'd like to hear interviewed!

There's a link at the top of the page to the interview, and it can also be downloaded in podcast form. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Now go show some support for independent radio. They's good people.



Scott said...

Very nice. I am listening to your interview right now. Creative writing, eh? That's a cool major! Are you planning on going into medicine?

Anonymous said...

I listened to the entire interview. It was excellent. I learned so much about you and the things that were important and formative in your life.

You were very articulate and expressive. This was the best interview I have ever heard.


Sam's Dad

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being on Radio Free Nation Meris. You were an excellent interview and fascinating person. I hope you never lose your wonderful idealism.

Take care and join us again sometime.

Independent Digital Talk Radio

Anonymous said...

Girl Scout, you were simply amazing. Like someone said, you really expressed yourself amazingly well...if I was not paying attention too closely, I would have thought that it was someone else...Great Job baby-girl!

By the way, the radio personality called you Meris. You never allow me to call you Meris...what is up with that Samantha?

Anonymous said...

Hey...I'm here by way of Scott. Thought I'd drop by and check your blog out. Just making my way through some of your older posts now. Feel free to drop by and visit anytime.