10,000 Hits/Thank You

Epi wrote a really inspiring post that I felt compelled to do as well. It seemed apropos, given the 10,000th hit on my blog, to thank some specific bloggers (alphabetically) who have made an impact on me personally, through their posts, and in other ways they might not even know.

But this is not to mention those of you who read on a daily basis. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything, guys (and ladies!). You make me so happy; you have no idea.

Ambulance Driver (AD):
It was because of you that I got in to blogging, mainly. A friend linked me to your blog, and I was immediately drawn in. I love your (sometimes acerbic) wit, your way with words, and your insight into things. Can't wait for the book.

Backboads & Band-aids (EE):
A fellow young female college EMT, you have been so much fun to talk to. I love reading your posts because they are so often funny, and always offer an interesting perspective. You're always there to offer a kind word. I love that you update so frequently, because it gives me something to look forward to after a long day.

Forging Iron Man (Scott):
You are such an inspiration. An amazing person who has endured so much and continues to fight through nursing school. I love reading what you have to say, because it ranges from medically interesting posts to video game challenges. I have to say: if I ever fall ill in Cheyenne, I do hope that you're my nurse!

Pink Warm & Dry (EpiJunky):
You, my dear, are unbelievably amazing. I know you didn't do as well in medic school as you had hoped, but your tenacity is phenomenal; I am so proud of you for getting back in the saddle. Your pictures of the day are excellent; your talent is simply wonderful. I love the posts about your children; I hope that one day I can share that kind of love. Thank you for always encouraging me and sharing my hatred for the O2 cascade thing. Ugh. I have a feeling that we would be great friends in real life.

That Paramedic Student Is A Stress Case (Kyle):
You were one of the first people to reach out to me through comments and various other forms of media. I was lucky enough to get to know you at the tail end of your time in medic school, so I got to see you transition from that phase in your life to being a full-blown paramedic; for that I feel truly thankful, because it has encouraged me to pursue my dream. You are an amazing friend, and even though you don't update as often as people wish you would (no, trust me, it's not just me!), I am just happy that I get to know you outside of blogger. I really hope to see you do well in life; make us proud.

Now, obviously there are more people who have influenced me. Mom? Dad? Thanks (you know, for everything). All the friends and family that I have been lucky enough to have in my life have made such a huge impact on me I can't even begin to describe. Various professors, teachers and mentors have changed my life in ways I don't know that I fully comprehend yet (or ever, for that matter).
To "Drew," thank you for always pushing me to be my best. You're a good friend and a great partner, not to mention that you're really easy to write about. Thanks for always reminding me to update, by the way.
To "Eric," you're like an onion big, round and smelly (sorry, I couldn't resist--you can hit me later); you're full of layers that I have yet to reveal. You're a really good partner who I know will protect me at all costs. Thanks for everything you do.

Point is this--to all of you who I have ever known, talked to, or encountered: thanks. You've all made me who I am today, and for that I am truly grateful.

Gosh, now that I've gone and written some kind of graduation speech, I'm going to go put on my uniform and get ready for a good night. Expect some kind of update tonight or tomorrow (if we get something I feel I can write about, haha)!



John-Michael said...

I have linked you on my blog as:

"Compassion on Wheels"

('cause meeting you will be good for everyone)

Epijunky said...

Awww Sam...

You made my day, dear.

Thank YOU.


EE said...

Thanks dude!

AnniforsciA said...

This makes me think of "Appreciation and the Bomb"

I love youuuuu.

Lucian said...

yeah...enough said...*punches "sam"*

Scott said...

Sam, you are an awesome woman. I am glad I can get to know you just a little bit, even though we will probably never get to meet. Yeah, I would take great care of you if you were sick, but I would hope that if you were in Cheyenne, you and I would be dating! Congrats on 10,000 hits!

Ambulance Driver said...

Aww, thanks Sam!

Congratulations on the 10,000+ hits, by the way!