I've got an interview!

Well, wish me luck! At 0900 Monday morning (oy vey, *this* morning!) I've got an interview with a private transport company locally! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.
Am I particularly interested in doing patient transports all day every day? No (but hey, I'll have a ton to write about!). Do I want to work my ass off for my paycheck? Yes.
I want to work really, really hard every day knowing that I'm earning every cent of the money that's coming to me. I want to know that the job I'm working is a job that I applied for, interviewed for and earned myself. I want to know that I'm an independent woman, and independent Sam.
So wish me luck, world; I'm trying this "living" thing!

I'm so nervous. I'm going to have those "night before the first day of school" dreams, I just know it! I'll let you know how it goes!



Tony said...


Good Luck on the interview. By the way, my grandmother is sick. I wrote you an e-mail regarding this...anyway, I do not know much...I just found out about three hours ago...later.


Scott said...

Hope you get the job!