Drew and I gave a presentation to our school's Student Government Association about the proposed campus rescue squad that he, Eric and I have been working on.
It went really well. We got a unanimous vote of confidence from the SGA. The students are behind us, the city is behind us...now we're off to tackle the administration.

(He's a dork.)

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.”
--Sonia Johnson

So here's to changing history--at least that of our university.


Tori said...

1) Yeah for you! I'm glad it went well.

2) Consider yourself tagged.

Bernice said...

That is great! I just started reading your blog and I must say, I certainly enjoy it! Glad to hear that is still compassion in EMS. Thank you for that.

Lucian said...

woooo. "drew" is a huge dork...i love the censor over his face.

John-Michael said...

Cheering, applauding, and proud as all heck of you! You are a delightful inspiration ... and fun! ("he's a dork" ... love it!)

(and, Oh ... I love You!)

Anonymous said...

Wow Sam that seems like a big idea... Good LucK!!