Prompt Me

David McMahon picked my reply to his question as one of his top contenders for the Post Of The Day. That was really sweet and unexpected--thank you so much, I'm honored! Go stop by his blog if you haven't before; it's a real treat.

Well, today we make a presentation to our school's Student Government (of which I am apart) about why a campus rescue squad is a good idea. I'll let you know how it goes, but please think good thoughts for us!

Also...I just scheduled my lift test for my private transport job. Eep! This is the one and only thing standing in the way of me and the first job I've gotten for myself. I'm terrified of failing, so I'm going to the gym every day this week. I test next Wednesday...wish me luck!

I'm feeling a little dry creatively, so I'm digging back through my memory to try and think up a good call I can use. There's not much there.

So maybe you can help! I'd love for you all to give me a prompt. It can be one word, or it could be an entire scenario. Ask me a question, give me an idea, or simply suggest something I could use in a post. I could really, really use the help. Hell, it doesn't even have to be EMS-related! I might interpret it that way, but that's part of the fun :) So if you've never commented before, please comment now! I'd love a plethora of comments giving me ideas on things to post. Thanks in advance!



Maggie May said...

Have you ever NOT wanted to help some one?

Chris said...

Hey Sam,

Tell us about something which is nothing to do with EMS,


Why did you decide to join EMS?

Beth said...

Ok...how about your favorite music? Favorite artist/band? Favorite album of all time? Your desert island list (ie. what songs/albums you would want with you if you were stranded on a desert island)?

How's that?! ;)

tracy said...

Hey Sam,

i'll be testing at State to re-cert emt-b in about a month...any suggestions on how to stay calm and try to remember everything...??? Also, what to you think is the most important, of everything, to study...or is it basically, everything ? :-)

It's the practicals that scare the @#%$ outta me, the written is hard, but at least i'm not "on stage", you know?

thanks so much, tracy

ps and thanks for a great blog, i love it!

Tori said...

If you could swap out (not change mind you) some aspect of you (physical, mental, emotional, whatever) what would you get rid of? What would you want instead?