I failed my lift test.

Failing because:
My left hand grip-strength was 65. Needed to be 70.
I can do two bicep curls at 40lbs, not 5.
I cannot walk 15 feet after having dead-lifted my body weight. (I can, however, walk 3 feet)

But I can do everything else. Woooo.

"How much do you weigh?"
"I don't know, roughly 125, 130?"
"That's unfortunate."
"Because you'll be carrying your own body weight in this box."

So, it looks like I'll be hitting the gym every single day this week, working on grip strength when I'm not using my hands, and praying to the EMS Gods that I pass this next lift test May 8th. I cannot fail. I need this job--I want this job. I'm not letting 3 bicep curls, 11 feet and some weird grip test stand in between me and this job. Simply not going to happen.

"...'Self-efficacy,' [is] the unshakable belief some people have that they have what it takes to succeed." (from an article in The Wall Street Journal)

I'll keep you updated, I'm sure.

A multi-part post is coming regarding the tornado of earlier this week. I'll write that in between class, the gym, homework, rescue squad, and studying. "Free time," if you will.



Anonymous said...

Never want anything...never need anything Sam. Go get it. If you know that you can do it, then do whatever that it takes to get it done...

the very fact of you wanting to get this job, will actually prevent you from actually getting this wonderful opportunity. By the way, I hope that your grades are good...by the way, this is not a failure unless you are making this out to be a failure...which you are. Stop it! Use this to make yourself better...don't over-stress this, don't over-stress the exams that are upcoming...don't stress or procrastinate over all of this stuff. You and I know that you are capable of getting high grades on your exams, of being able to pass that lift test...and don't try to NOT sleep, in believing that if you can just squeeze out an extra 30 minutes or an hour a night studying, that you will perhaps getting two or three points more on your exams...that is non-sense. When the exam comes, get some sleep...trying to not toss and turn, eat a good breakfast and feel confident that you can do this...because Demeter has always known that you could do all of this...otherwise, she never would have put all of this on your shoulders.

Just a little bit of advice from a person you know.

Scott said...

I'm sorry. That would be a sucky reason to not get the job. Other than YOUR body weight, are the numbers pro-rated down for your age and gender or are they standard? Like would my grip strength have to be like 120, or is it 70 for everybody? You are pretty close. I wish I could train you in the gym. How are you holding this deadlifted weight that you need to walk 15 feet with? Please be careful not to try so hard that you hurt your back! That would really suck!

Chris said...

Never mind Sam. Good luck next time

tracy said...

Hey Sam, so sorry to hear it. i know you'll pass next time as you told me, "never give up" and i am feeling pretty incompetent myself about the test.
Best always, go get 'em!