They Grow Up So Quickly

Drew is done precepting his EMT-B. He finished his nice little packet, got all the right signatures in all the right places, and turned it into the powers that be. I remember when he was just a little EMT student after his first few classes, excited about vital signs and airway adjuncts. I remember them after test day and the phone call I got.
"We failed."
"You didn't fail."
"We absolutely failed our practicals."
"Yeah, well, I thought I failed my trauma practical, and it turns out we nailed it. And now look at me!"
"You think we're going to be okay?"
"I know you'll do great."
I remember when he ended up passing and getting his card in the mail. I got to do the whole "I told you so" thing (it rocked!). I remember seeing him precepting for the first time and being really, truly impressed. This kid has some serious skill. And now he's about to be able to tech calls all by himself.

We just had this conversation on instant messenger, and like my Jewish grandmother, it made me kvell:
Sam (12:47): Awww, Drew, I'm so proud of you!
Drew (12:48): Thanks for helping me
Drew (12:48): Throughout the class
Drew (12:48): And through precepting

Drew is roughly two years older than I am, but I still felt like I should be wrapping him up in a big hug and ruffling his hair and things of that nature.
So congratulations, partner. I can't believe how quickly things change. You're going to make a great provider--I'd trust you with my life, that's for sure.

p.s.--Sorry for embarrassing the hell out of you, but I know you'd do the same to me if you had a public forum that lots of people could access. Now just be glad I didn't tell them about the time you punched yourself in the face! Oops ;)


Scott said...

Drew, setting up a blog to embarass Sam (and write other things as well) would be a simple thing. If you make yourself a shiny new blog, email me (it's on my blog) and I will link to you and thus start your popularity. And congrats on becoming an EMT.

John-Michael said...

You, My Precious Friend, breathe a breath of life-filled soul into what would be an abstract concept. Your world is so alien to most of the lives passing by, unaware. I am blessed to be able to 'join' your perceptions, feelings, and realities through your generous and caring heart. Thank you!

Epijunky said...


Now, about punching yourself in the face...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Drew!!