Run Board

The people who work at my station are quite interesting. Funny, anal-retentive, caring, super-relaxed, experienced, etc. They run the gamut of qualities.

So that's why when my roommate, Olivia, showed me a picture she took, I couldn't contain myself.

My crew? We'd have to have each medic figured out. Drew, Sam and Eric are on this medic. And then we write it out very carefully and decide which medic is first run and which is second...but if it's BLS, who is first due for that? We're very intense about our run board.

Olivia's crew? Not so much.

If you can't read it, it says "When tones go off." Love it.

Be safe out there,


Scott said...

Probably a fine system with a few calls here and there. But if there was ever an MCI, they might get confused and mess up. Then, would the heads roll.

VA FireMedic said...

whats funny is that i was there that night, and it actually said something to the effect of "when tones go off get on the damn medic" or something like that

EE said...

Oh, I love it!

Alaina said...

LOL yeah we're awesome like that. I love my crew, as scatterbrained as they might be...