Yay Interviews!

It went so well. As soon as my background check clears (man I hope those late-night antics from last week don't interfere...), I'll be hearing back from them.

Paid holidays, annual bonuses, annual raises, safety bonuses, benefits...these people sound wonderful. They're a real family type of company.

After I got out of the interview, I got emails from some other companies that want me to come in an interview. I sure hope I figure out something soon, because I'm definitely wanting to start working soon!

Thank you for all your support and well-wishes! They made me feel super confident today!

I've got to get some sleep, but I'll most likely post something tomorrow night during my shift at the station :)

Take care out there,


Scott said...

Uh-oh! I worked for a small "family" type company that promised me great benefits. And they really did try to provide them, but they had major cashflow problems and a lot of times they got kicked off our health insurance plan, and once I even got a rubber paycheck.

But not that this company would have the same problems. And congrats on acing the interview! What naughty things did you do last week?

Chris said...

Well done!

Gertrude said...

Congrats on everything thats goin down! You'll pick the best one to suit you right now!

danny said...

Wootsauce! I hope all goes well.

Bernice said...


Buy a pair my friend. Men wear power ties... women wear power shoes. ;o)

Me said...

Awesome - congrats and good luck!