Well, it's true, I'm a real-live-hospital-employee! I wear colorful scrubs and have an ID with a goofy picture on it, and I run around saving the world drawing blood and starting IVs.


Yesterday was my first day, and it was terribly boring. I kept saying the q-word in an effort to try and tempt the ER-Gods into sending us something to do, but no, the ER-Gods saw through my rouse.

So, I work again tomorrow...maybe we'll actually get to do something. We did get to do a heel-stick on a baby in an attempt to get a bili, but the little bugger wouldn't bleed.

I also saw the most blatant case of nursing home neglect. Gigantic decubital ulcer on his bottom (tunneling, black/purple/green, etc.), thrush in his mouth (tongue was hard as a rock), and a temporary foley left in for 2+ weeks. That's the closest I've ever come to wanting to legitimately hurt someone, I think.

As a side note...why can't I work with the Monkey Girls and Guitar Girls of the world!? I mean, my coworkers are great but...we spent the day talking about how girls with small breasts get mammograms. *sigh*


p.s.--Thanks for all the comments on my last post (you too, Mom and Dad). They sort of helped remind me why I'm writing in the first place. Sam is coming back soon...but perhaps now as an ED Tech...? Hehe, take care out there!


Bernice said...

Woman, you are gorgeous! And i am more than a teensy bit jealous of your ER job... :o)

Epijunky said...

Check you out rockin' the scruuuubs :)

I too, am jealous.

Andrew Lundsten said...

show me sexy...

EE said...

Be careful starting them IV's, don't wanna get stuck!

Scott said...

Wow! (growls like a tiger) You are one hot woman! So, how can you start IVs? I thought that was outside the scope of practice of an EMT-B or a phlebotomist. Did you get some more training? Hahaha! I guess I don't know how they do the boobie masher, err, I mean, a mamogram, on women who only sport the A cups.

tracy said...

Count me in on the envy club...what a great job, congrats to you Sam and you look just beautiful!

Scott "Boobie Masher"...haha...signed, "A cup"

tracy said...

Hey, epi,
You've gone private....could i , uh, you know.....get a 'vite?

thanks tons,

Bernice said...

Epi - I read your blog every day... hoping I could get an invite.