NSR and the suchlike

NSR Week 3 is up. Go check it out!

I haven't written my post yet. I just got off a shift at the ED that made me want to cry. A guy un-sedatable with 15 of Haldol and some Ativan, an unresponsive lady, a couple of AMS, and about a billion and a half "I don't want to go to work on Monday" patients.

I learned a ton, but my feet hurt more than anything. I can't even see straight, so putting together that NSR post was sort of interesting. I'll have mine up just as soon as I can...I have a day off tomorrow :D

And thanks for all the exciting comments on my last post! You all are the best :)


Chris said...

AMS? Not an acronym I've come across before.

Hope you're OK

Medic61 said...

AMS--Altered Mental Status.

Sorry, I get so caught up in everything I forget that some things aren't standard!