We did a transfer from a hospital to nursing home rehab. This is a hospital with nuns, for context. Each room has a picture of Jesus mounted on the wall right next to the "Good Morning, today is _________. Your nurse is _________." sign.

While we were in our patient's room, waiting for the nurse, I could hear the conversation taking place in the room across the hall.

Nurse: "Mr. Smith?"
Mr. Smith: "Hrmmm?"
Nurse: "I need to check your pupils."
Mr. Smith: "Hrmmm."
Nurse: "Can you look at Jesus for me? Come on, look at Jesus."

In my line of work, if my patients start seeing Jesus, I tend to discourage it. Just sayin' ;)

Busy couple of days here, but we have another Normal Sinus Rhythm coming up tomorrow and I have a few more ideas for what to do with Janice. She's not gone, I promise!

Take care out there,


Polar Doc said...

Reminds me of the greeting card/bumper sticker:

"Have you accepted cheeses into your life."

Also reminds me that when I was delirious I spoke to Gary Shandling. Weird, I know.

Fyremandoug said...

Sam is polar doc your Dad??? if so he is a crack up Gary Shandling thats to funny

Medic61 said...

Yep, that's my daddy :) And yes, he did think that my mom was talking to him about Gary Shandling even though neither one of us was speaking!
But, he is a crack up, and he's my one and only (favorite) dad!

tracy said...

Polar Doc is you Dad? Too cool!!! (and that wasn't even ment as a joke!!!) Hi Polar Doc, wave, wave, i vote in your poll...can i come with you...?

"Have you accepted cheeses into you life?" Love it!!!

Sam Hope you are doing well and are happy...can't wait for Janice to reappear :)

take good care, tracy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am glad that you will be bringing Janice back. Even though my life is a diaster, broken in a million pieces, and filled with nothing but seemingly black dogs howling all around me...it does help when you write your characters. You are a sensational writer! I thank you very much as I am going through a very depressing and struggling time in my life...thanks and take care.

And don't forget to write more Sam...more Sam...she is a superhero in disguise!

Alaina said...

Hi Sam's dad =)

Love the post!

Anonymous said...

Dear Silent Owl,
i am so sorry you are going through a very rough time...i know it doesn't help much, but i think i can understand a little of what you may be feeling, as i have been/am there too...
Please take best of care...

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous! It does help a tad bit.

Gertrude said...

Is it my favorite hospital with nuns?! Jesus is everywhere in that place!

Tori said...

I just wanted to say thank you for kind things you said on my blogs. It is very hard to leave.

Anonymous said...
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Silent Owl Scribe said...

Wireless sucks!
I had all of this good stuff to say, but,


You have to stop being so bipolar about things. Being bipolar is such a difficult disorder for many...you have to find a way to channel your anger or whatever that is upsetting you. Find something positive to work on, or find a place to scream somehow. Sometimes, screaming is good. It really is. Anyway, I had a lot to say...but I would just like to wish you on a nice weekend. You seem to not like for me to write you and stuff. Take care and write more Samantha. I really like Sam a lot. It still seems though that Sam is too much like the real you. I am trying to separate Sam from the real you, and I am having a little less of a tougher time with that...just develop her the way you like...she has potential. Take care baby-girl!