Blog-oversary part 2!

Okay, so it's officially 19 days away and I haven't done anything further for my pending blog-oversary! I'm scrambling here.

So uh...here's my lame attempt at a contest. In all honesty, this has nothing to do with my blog-oversary, but I really want more interaction with those of you who read my blog. I get emails and comments, but it's all very cursory for the most part. Other than a few that I do keep in close contact with, I never really get to know you all! I'd love to get to know you all a lot better. I've already made some amazing friendships from this blog, and I'd like to further that if at all possible!

So I want you to either leave me a comment here or send me an email or even shoot me an IM with your favorite word. And then explain to me why it's your favorite word. And then also tell me what your ideal contest prize would be. I'm thinking like...a blog post centered around the word, or a ride-along (if you live locally) or some sort of stuff from my rescue squad? Whatever. You let me know, and if it's reasonable, I'll do it!

So quick recap:
Comment. Email. IM.
Favorite Word.
Ideal Contest Prize?

I'll decide the winner the night before my blog-oversary! Hooray!

Also, I promise to have a post of substance coming soon...hopefully for Normal Sinus!

Until then...

Take care out there,


J.A. Coppinger said...


I read your blog every day but I've never left a message before. I like the "One Word" concept though, so I figured I'd throw one out for you:


Webster defines it as: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values

To me, it's simpler than that. Integrity is simply doing what you feel is right, even when you don't want to. It's folks like you who step forward to help others even though the job is thankless, dangerous, dirty, depressing and underpaid. Integrity is what makes this country something special. It's the EMT's, police, soldiers, firefighters, and nurses (and a thousand others) who give of themselves for the sake of us all.

Integrity - you have it in abundance, young lady! Keep up the outstanding work.

Oh, BTW: don't want no prize, just wanted to throw in my $0.02 . . .


Lodo Grdzak said...

What's an "IM?"

ArkieRN said...

My favorite word is baby. Just think about it. All babies are cute. Baby humans, baby turtles, baby tigers - ALL babies.

Babies smell good. People bring kittens, puppies, infants, and other babies up to their faces and inhale deeply.

Just thinking about babies makes me smile and feel relaxed. Babies are a link to the future and a reason to hope. They bring families and friends closer.

Chris said...

I'm going to go for 'Thanks' and variants thereof (see, came up with one eventually!). Thanks is one word which is not used nearly enough, but it has such power - it can make someone's day, and regularly using it means people enjoy working with/for you that much more.

That one word can make the difference between people enjoying their life and hating it. What else can you say that about?

Also, you asked if I wanted a thank you note, but the post you asked in looked very much like a thank you note in itself (and is what gave me the idea for my favourite word).

Hope you're well,