A Conversation

Via phone, with Witness.

Me: "Ugh, my throat hurts."
Him: "Why?"
Me: "Well, we had this patient with bilateral decubital ulcers on her feet, so I spent the time breathing through my mouth and wearing a surgical mask."
Him: "So now your mouth feels like it has decubital feet ulcers in it?"
Me: "Yeah, I'm paranoid that I have decubital feet ulcer bacteria growing in my throat."
Him: "Yeah, you probably do."
Me: "EW, WHAT!?"
Him: *giggles* "You know smells are just little particles of things."
Him: *laughing harder* "And really strong smells are LOTS OF PARTICLES!"
Me: "You sadistic sonuva!"
Him: "Haha, yeah, I know. Decubital feet ulcers in your mouth."
Me: "Oh God, that's so disgusting."
Him: *pauses* "Yeah...ew, it is."
Me: "Haha, at least it got you, too! But you gave me an idea for a story, so I'll forgive you some."
Him: "Oh, thank goodness!"

Yeah, thought you guys would appreciate that. And what I really mean is that I'm hoping to share my misery with you.

Partner of the Day: "Your hair smells like shampoo."

I suppose it's better than many of the alternatives...?

Take care out there,

p.s.--FAVORITE WORD CONTEST! That is all.


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Ummm, thanks for that. I had to google it to find out what they are (yeah I'm sick like that). I'm going to wash out my mouth with gasoline now:)

VA FireMedic said...

ok at this point i'm trying to think of my favorite word just to shut you up. i'm not sure if this really is my favorite buttttt:


I like the word love because it has lots of meanings and is a very powerful word, perhaps the most powerful word in the english language. It just goes back to my philosophy of love is all you need.

On an unrelated note, it appears as though i may be working with you starting shortly, and also, ill be back to wednesdays starting on the 20th!