Coming Home

It seems that we can't make a successful trip to the hospital and back to quarters without something happening. We're sort of like a black cloud for the police department, because we always end up sending them to check things out.

One night after a particularly lengthy trip out to Clearview Regional, we finally make it back across the water. As we hit the last bump of the bridge, I feel the medic slow a little bit.

"Did you see that," Drew asks me as he looks in his side mirrors frantically.
"Uh...see what?"
"Some guy was beating the shit out of a girl!"
"While they were driving?"
"No, no...the car was pulled over and he was hitting this girl or something!"
"Yeah. Medic 1 to central; be advised..." As he calls it in, I inspect my mirror closely but see nothing.
"10-4, Medic 1, we'll send an officer out there."

We've had a few other times where we see a car behaving strangely and call it in. Tonight, however, was exceptionally odd.

"We've got a drunk one," Eric and I say in unison.
"Really? It's a Wednesday night..." Drew peeks his head up from the back and observes.
"Definitely not right," I chime in as the car nearly hits the median.
"You calling it in?"
"Yeah, I'll get it," Eric says as he picks up the radio.
"Medic 1 to central; be advised we're westbound on Main, headed into town behind a vehicle that's having a bit of trouble staying in its own lane. Virginia plates. Dark 4-door sedan. We'll stay behind them."
"10-4, Medic 1, we'll have an officer en route."

We follow the car for a while and observe. Driving slowly and often crossing lanes, this seems to be a driver who's under the influence. We listen to the police dispatch as they approach. Moving over, three police cars fly past us. I watch for a moment and see the blue lights come on.

"Unit 218 to central; traffic stop." Drew, Eric and I high five as we head back to quarters.
"Nice," we say as we walk back to the day room.

We find out later in the night that while the driver wasn't drunk, he was driving on a suspended license.

Us-1, Drivers-0.

On the way back from the hospital again that night, Drew and I are chatting sleepily. The car in front of us flashes its lights a few times, and I look up. An old car is smoking from the hood, hazard lights flashing ominously in the haze.

"Medic 1 to central; be advised that there's a possible car fire in the westbound lane of Main and 1st. North Carolina plates."
"10-4, Medic 1; we'll send fire out there."

Drew and I laugh a little, knowing the firefighters are going to be so happy about being awoken at 0400.

We listen to the dispatch all the way home and once we crawl back into bed.

"Central, appears the driver hit a deer and fluids are draining out of her car. Will advise."

Us-2, Drivers-0, Unfortunate Deer of Clearview...well, 0

Turning the radio down, I hear Drew sigh.
"We always bring out the crazies, don't we?"
"Yeah, but we're young; we can still handle it."
"Mmm, here's to that," he murmurs into his pillow as we try to get a few final (futile) minutes of sleep.


Anniforscia said...

Hahaha I love it. You guys are like law-abiding, non-vigilante superheroes: swooping about, saving lives, noticing crime, and calling the police to administer justice.

Jedi Master Daryl said...

So did you not find out if the cop found the "gentleman" who was beating this woman or girl? That is disturbing!

You wouldn't have been able to jump out the 'lance, pulled the petaQ out of the car, and served some Mag Lite Justice, would you have?

I'm glad you guys got to do some crime fighting! :-)

Lucian said...

What the fuck! Over.

RevMedic said...

I'm like 0 for 5 in calling in DUI's. There was one divorced couple in a deep conversation, headed to the county jail to visit their son...
There was actually a rolling domestic...
There was the (probable) illegal alien learning how to drive...
And just the assorted idiots out there on the road. I don't think any of my reported DUI's ever turned out to be drunk!

MedicThree said...

at least you don't have my problem.... deer, dumpsters, and pretty much anything else that can get in the way... Usually with patients on board.

Shrinky said...

My goodness, life is never dull then? Popped over from David's, loved the interview. You guys are absolute hero's, though I am sure you pay a high cost for what you do. The world could use a few more like you, it's great to know there are folk out there who still care.

Sandi McBride said...

Having spent over 15 years as a Uniform with our Sheriff's Department (now retired) I can only say how much I admire you for the job you do. This look-in to your day was nothing in comparison to most of your days, I'm sure. So pleased to meet you...I found you at David's Sunday Roast.

Jeff B said...

Just caught you interview on David's site. Having a father and brother in the fire service biz, I knew I'd relate to what you write about.

Nice to meet you.

a day in the life said...

Bee tee dubs, just checking in.
I've reading everything between this comment and the last. ;)