Oh, Drew.

I love my partners so, so much. Let me give you a little hint as to why.

During Obama's infomercial
Drew: "Hey Sam, look! Wavy waves of grain! Er...waving waves of...wait, what?"
Me: "Amber waves of grain?"
Drew: "Yeah!"

At dinner
Waitress: "What can I get you?"
Drew: "Hmmm...how many bruschettas come in a bruschetta?"
Waitress: "Uh...what?"
Drew: "Nevermind."

After our call tonight
Eric: "You didn't write your report en route?"
Drew: "Naw, I never do."
Eric: "Why?"
Drew: "With my handwriting? It would be completely ineligible."
Drew: "Er...that other one."


Walt Trachim said...


I found your blog up on Michael Morse's and read posts as far down the page as I could. Good stuff all the way around. And this post was funny.....


Anonymous said...

and he is such a cutie too!!!!

VA FireMedic said...

i dunno if that beats some of the things i say...ill forgive him for the ineligible thing because it was early in the morning, but the bruchettas were classic.

and drew is cute, haha


a day in the life said...

Haha, good ol' Mr. I-got-knocked-on-my-ass-by-a-"little-girl".


I love you!

Epijunky said...

I may or may not have said some similar things. Maybe. Possibly.

tracy said...

"wavey waves of grain.." i absolutely l o v e it! :)

Anonymous said...

I know this guy on campus... hes hot!

Bernice said...

Just a little FYI... come on over to the blog for a little reaffirmation of my love for your blog.