Final Paper

For my ULLC (University Liberal Learning Curriculum), I am writing my final paper, which has to be roughly 15 pages long. We were asked to pick our own topics, and so I (of course) pick something EMS-related. As a leadership student as well, I figured I could combine the two loves in a paper. My thesis is essentially this:
"Women are simply not given the same opportunities to lead within the emergency medical service as men are."
It's an outrageous accusation, I know. But I'm really trying to build a paper around it, and I'm kind of struggling. I was wondering if you all had any thoughts on the subject. I'm also bringing in the fire side of things a little, so if you're a firefighter, I'd love your input on women as firefighters.
Do you work with women? If so, are they in leadership positions? If given the hypothetical situation of a man and a woman of equal strength, training and intelligence, which would you pick to be your partner, and why?
Things like that could really help me, along with any resources you might know. And if I could cite you in my paper, it would be even better!



Anonymous said...

I am a college student and emt. I have noticed much of what you have with women not being. Would you be able to cite my observations and would they really be helpful. If I can be of any assitance please email me at dave dot tepper at gmail dot com

Runflat said...

I am also a college student and intermediate. I work for two different volly services and would be glad to share any thing that I could with you. If you want to just drop me the specific questions that you have at my email eagle dot emt at gmail dot com

p.s. I also happen to be a guy but work with a large number of female co workers

EMS Mutt said...

Sam, I've added a post regarding the experiences I've had working on a fire department and in EMS.

Bill said...

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rookie bebe said...

Detail Medic would be a great source.


She's a woman FF/medic

Odie said...

I know its probably way too late but i know our station captain is a female and the lietenant on 2 of our medic units are female.

Both "up there" positions

hit me up on my site if you need to talk to them i'm sure they'll be glad to speak with you