For the longest time, I've been reading other people's blogs. AD for example, writes very nice eloquent posts about certain patients or experiences, and then he'll write a post about Babs, or with a quiz or meme inside. Maybe he'll just post an observation or a news article. You know what I mean.
Well for a while now, I've been treating this blog as some sacred thing, in which I will only write the posts about calls and patients that will eventually make it into the book. Well I'm kinda tired of doing that, so I'm going to become more like the rest of you and "get with the times", if you will.
Be warned, however. I'm a college student with far too much time on her hands. Chances are, my rambling posts will be ridiculous.
I trust you all will be able to figure out the difference between Sam the college student rambling posts, and Sam the EMT book posts.

Happy reading, ya'll :)


Silent Owl Scribe said...


What book?

Be blessed my friend.

Ambulance Driver said...

Write when the mood strikes you, even if it's just a few sentences.

And make notes to yourself. Inspiration can strike at any moment.