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I was challenged to create a list of 101 things I could realistically accomplish in 1,001 days, and to then start trying to do them on January 1, 2008. After much thought and deliberation, I was able to come up with 101 things I thought were plausible, but still required some major effort on my part.
I created this blog in an attempt to chronicle my 1,001 days and the evolution of this project. On the right-hand side of the blog, you will find my list. I will strikeout those that I have accomplished, along with the date it was completed. I will also make updates in it about my progress, successes and failures. I'm definitely going to be asking for help and input, and I'll be sure to blog with pictures and other forms of evidence.
I'd love for you guys to go check it out, let me know what you think, and maybe start your own! I'll link you ;)


P.S.--To the anonymous commenter that said I was really cute: Thank you :)
P.P.S.--Go check out my roommate's 101 in 1001 here!


Scott said...

Hey Sam, I am not anonymous and I'll say you are really cute, too.

Tony said...

Sam baby-girl,

I have read your list...first of all, you are so amazing.
Second of all, you said that you have chosen to read "War and Peace". First, never want anything. Always choose. And I just happen to have an excellent copy of the book if you are interested. It is too heavy for me, and I am not a fiction person. Third, yes, we did destroy Dallas. And when #47 was catching those early passes, I was thinking about how big of a crush you have on him! They will not beat Seattle...but, they have had a nice year considering many problems they have had. Fourth, I can help you with some of the things...such as helping you throw a football...it can be tricky in the beginning, but I have found it to be much less daunting than dribbling a basketball...If you choose, I can help you with some of the things mentioned.

One thing you forgot to mention is: Loving yourself. Learning how to be a better you. Those are two lessons that every one of us can work on.

Bye Sam.