Redskins Jersey!

Dear Chris Cooley,
Just wanted to let you know that you are amazing. You are so amazing, this broke little college student/EMT blew $50 for a jersey. Having said that, please go kick some Cowboy tail this Sunday. I will be very disappointed if we don't.
Love always,


Epijunky said...

Two comments in one day :)

My brother is a huge Redskins fan... has been for as long as I can remember.

That being said, "Good Luck" (Those are his words, after reading over my shoulder.

He's in a crappy mood, don't mind him.

Alaina said...

hahaha...you silly skins can only wish ;)

Silent Owl Scribe said...

Sam honey,

I am a huge and life long 'Skins fan. Honey, they HAVE to win...or they will not get into the playoffs. And yes, I like Chris Cooley a lot...and for you, you should have a crush on him. He seems to be your type!

The counseling went well...long, long way to go and, your last story was well-written and thought of.

Silent Owl Scribe

emergencyem said...
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emergencyem said...


I don't hate, nor like the Redskins. I do however, HATE the Cowboys...so GO REDSKINS!

Anonymous said...

you are really cute.

Silent Owl Scribe said...

This is no place for a poem...but after reading a profile from elsewhere, things have changed...


…for what a butterfly represents in my life:
evolution, beauty and free flight!
i crave to learn how such things, can create
such beauty among my senses, can create
amazing wonder and excitement.

for i try to understand my own self, does life
mirror the physical attributes of a butterfly?

and i touched one, i held one-
a bulb of earthly lightning awakens
my eyes, my fingers, my skin
to the possibilities of my spiritual mind. but then,
i get lost, and i get persuaded
to move myself towards a common interest of one;
common interest of another.
such boringness, such stillness
in the world of culture's art palaces. but a butterfly...

a butterfly is nothing- but a butterfly!
from its evolving caterpillar’s being, to its current state
of being, i choose to seek this belonging of being,
a butterfly: beautiful, free, evolving
and full of exotic- outside wonder!

Thanks...and I have always believed that you could be an excellent FF and paramedic!


Scott said...

Wow! You sure like you football!