I feel weird...

I don't know what it is. I've been trying so hard to write, and I just can't. I know what I plan to write about, but for some reason it just is not coming to me. There's always a moment that strikes where I feel like I have to write. Something hits me, and it's urgent. And if I don't feel it, I just can't produce anything worth reading.

Things in my life are a little chaotic right now, and that usually helps me write, but for right now it's definitely impeding the process. As soon as I have something worth writing, I will. Thank you for always bearing with me.

I'm out of the hospital and healing nicely. Thank you for all the good thoughts and well wishes! At least it was laparoscopic, and they didn't have to gut me like a fish (apologies to any surgeons who might be reading--you're great people).

Oh, and AD, congrats on the Wall Street Journal bit! That was awesome :) Oh, and apparently I could take on 21 5-year-olds in a fight. We rock...obviously you a little bit more than me (wall street journal, 35 kids, etc.), but still.

Keep in touch.


Ambulance Driver said...

So when people say, "Pssst Sam, that doctor is scoping you out!" they meant something else? Bummer.

Glad to hear everything went well, though.

Medic 61 said...

I know! Isn't that a shame? Ah well, maybe I've just got to find me one of them non-surgical types ;)

Thank you muchly, and again, congrats on the WSJ.

Silent Owl Scribe said...


What you have to do, is talk to yourself just like me. Everyone has those moments.

Piece of advice:

Find you a journal, notebook, diary...anything, and just start writing down stuff. Stop being an English student, and write everything down. Stop telling yourself that nothing makes any sense and start writing. Or, go out into a huge field where you are by yourself and start screaming!!

Now, no one will listen to me. Who am I? Well, all I can say is that, there is only one of me and two of you: you, and your long lost sister who exists in a different universe. I saw her one time when I was dreaming, she was also broken...yet, she amazed me nevertheless.

Silent Owl Scribe

p.s. I missed you in church yesterday.

Scott said...

Inspiration might hit and you WILL write great things!