Other Sams

So, Scott over at Forging Iron Man had this habit of writing stories revolving around "Sam," who was either a nasty man or a devilish mannequin. I was always giving him hell about it because it was making us good Sams look bad! After a bout with writers' block, he decided to write a story about a girl named Samantha who is pretty kick ass.
You should definitely go check it out here and then read some of his greatest hits.

All the strong female Samanthas in the world thank you, Scott!

Two new posts in the work, by the way. Expect at least one tonight.


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Scott said...

Sam--thanks for the link. I loved the way you worded all that! Hahahahaha! Awww! I didn't think the male Sam was that bad of a guy. He was just telling his ballin' buddies about some products to help them!