Alright, this has nothing to do with EMS, writing, or anything that I tend to talk about here. However, my dad just brought it to my attention that the letter to the editor I wrote back in early January was actually published.
AD, now you and I are both in the Wall Street Journal ;)

Anyway, if you're interested, you can read it here. It's not very exciting or long, but hey, it's an accomplishment!

I'll write again soon,


danny said...


Scott said...

Hmmm... that was over my head. All I know of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is that is going to be compensated for to make transportaion possible in the Star Trek days by having a Heisenberg Compensator in every transporter. I am confused what that has to do with biology and the degradation of Darwin's Island. Maybe I didn't read the article. But you read the Wall Street Journal? You ARE smart! ;-) Congrats on being published!

Anonymous said...

Just like Scott there...you read the Wall Street Journal? Amazing...then again, I read it also and, I truly love it! Anyway with you being published, you are on your way! And, I love the way that you incorporated your middle initial in there...makes you sound serious like hey, "My name is Meris E. Shuwarger. I am here, and I am staying...if you do not care for my confidence or me as a person, then by all means, you are free to leave." Very nice.


Scott said...

Hi Sam,

I have an idea. Right now I am writer's blocked. I know you want me to somehow write a "Samantha" into one of my tales or stories, and I would like to do that for you. But . . . stupid writer's block. What I would like to do is an entirely fictional story (doesn't have to be about medicine--it could be a fairy tale or something crazy like that) where the heroine is Sam. But I need your help. PLEASE! Email me with some details or ideas about what you want my story to be about. It can be serious or silly. Then I will attempt to mold your hints into a story to post. Then I will be happy because I smashed a writer's block, and "your" name will finally be cast in a good light on my blog! Thank you for humoring a creepy old dude!