What Seems To Be The Problem?

[[I think I really like updating with pictures--thoughts on this? And yes, this is the view of me driving as taken by a passenger today...just hours before this incident...funny how things happen!]]

Driving back to campus from a visit to a big city nearby, the lights behind me flash brightly against the night sky.
"Alright, alright," I think to myself as I note the speedometer. Hmm...forty-something? Why am I being pulled over? I make my way over to the side of the road and pull out my license and registration, killing the music and rolling down the window at the same time.
"Good evening," he says before I have a chance to open my mouth, "do you know why I stopped you tonight?" He takes my license from me, and hands it back barely looking at it.
"Honestly, no I don't, sir."
"Do you know what the speed limit is here?" I falter, thinking. Damn, I really don't.
"No, sir."
"It's twenty-five. Do you know how fast you were going?"
"No, sir."
"Oh, wow."
"I saw your plates; you with the rescue squad?"
"Yes, sir."
"Which one?"
"Oh wow...you're a good drive from home then, aren't you? How long you been with them?"
"About a year and a half now."
"Drive the box for them?"
"Yes, sir, I really love it out there."
"A speeding ticket probably wouldn't look too good, would it? In fact, they probably wouldn't let you drive," he muses aloud. You know, I wasn't even going to pull you over; I hate to antagonize you rescue types. I never know when you're going to be saving me and mine, so unless you're being really dangerous I just leave you all alone for the most part." He pauses and looks around, scratching his head.
"You weren't being reckless at all; you probably just thought it was the part of the street up there where it is faster." He points off into the night as if I'm supposed to see past the turn. I nod in agreement anyway.
"I just wanted to stop you so you would know how fast you were going in case you ran into someone who wasn't as nice as I am. You have a clean record I'm sure, or else you wouldn't be driving the box and you wouldn't be shaking like a leaf here. I saw your campus parking decal on your car, so you're obviously not from around here; you don't know the streets. Well, just slow down, okay? You're a good kid, I can tell."
"You can tell? I've said roughly fifteen words to you, half of which have been 'sir'. But hey, who am I to argue with your good judgment?" I nod agressively, fiddling with my bracelet.
"Thank you so much, officer. I didn't mean to speed; I'll slow down."
"10-4, young lady. You be safe on these streets; there are some crazy people out here."
"Yes sir I will. Have a good night."
"You too; keep us safe, now," he says with a tap on the side of my car. I laugh as I put my license away and slide my car into first gear. I set my cruise control on twenty-seven and call Drew.
"You know those rescue plates we have?"
"They're golden."

To all you police officers out there--thank you, thank you, thank you for looking out for us EMS types. Beyond the whole getting-me-out-of-a-ticket thing, I just really appreciate the fact that you always have our backs on and off duty. You're truly great people.



Anonymous said...

Never look a gift horse in the mouth muffin lol. And yes the plates help beyond compare.

Scott said...

I like the picture--it is really cool. Yes, blog pictures are always great, though I think I use too many.

That is a good story. I've heard lots of silly "foolproof" theories to get out of tickets. And you didn't have to try anything!

Paul said...

Haha, the funny thing is that I took that picture by mistake, I was taking a picture of myself, heard the camera make a "click" and was in the process of turning it so that I could see what came out. I'm glad it ended up being useful as a visual for your story. :o)

Silent Owl Scribe said...

Always blessed...
misc. note: My granny is just fine.

danny said...

pfft...Scott stole both things I was going to say. :(

But yeah, I like when pictures accompany blog posts. I'm way less likely to just skim through what's being said if there's a picture. Maybe I should start using them too?

And uh, nice story by the way. Cops are really cool sometimes.

Epijunky said...

Those plates ARE golden :)