Drew is being such a spoil-sport and won't let me post a picture of him because he says his face isn't "glorious" enough. Folks, let me tell you what a lie that is...regardless. Maybe one day he'll let me. I'm sure Eric will, anyway. So no picture for this post.

Tonight at Subway:

Drew(To me (quietly)): "I love to mess with the subway girl...watch this."
(To her):"I'll take a six-inch sweet-onion chicken sub, 'cause six inches is all I can handle, toasted, 'cause I like it hot."
Her:"Heh...uh...what else can I put on that for you?"
Him:"Lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, and two pickles."
Him:"Yeah, I like it to look like a smiley face."
Him:*Smiles like nothing is out of the ordinary*
Her:*Puts two pickles on the sandwich* "Like a smiley face."
Him:"Ohhhhhh God that looks good."
Me:"You're so strange."


Later, at the station:

Drew:"OH EFF!"
Me:*jumps back about 10 feet* "WHAT!?"
Drew:"THERE'S A FLYING RED ANT ON THE COUCH!" *attempts to flick it towards me*
Drew:*looks around, flails helplessly*
Me:*grabs TV remote, poised and ready to smash*
Angry Flying Red Ant:*flies off angrily*

A Few Minutes Later:
Me:"Do you want me to call Eric and have him pick up some of those slice and bake cookies for later tonight?"
Drew:"Ooo, definitely"
Me:*calls Eric* "Heyyyy...how's about you picking up some of them slice-n-bake cookies at teeter on your way over? Yeah, we were thinking we could--OH GOD" *ducks as Drew launches himself across the couch*
Drew:"AIEEEEEE!" *flies in gigantic leaps and bounds over the couch and Sam, smashing the aforementioned Flying Red Ant in one fell swoop*
Me:"We...we...we were thinking we could make a batch for our shift tonight. Yeah, alright see you in a few. ...Nice going, partner."
Drew:*wipes sweat off his brow* "I am all that is man."

From A Shift A Few Weeks Ago:
Drew:"Man, I'm really vascular today." *shows me his arms*
Me:"...You're odd."

I work with some awesome people. And here comes Eric with those cookies...expect some updates throughout the night! And Eric just told me that he'd let me use his picture "as long as I didn't look like I do now!" Yeah, yeah, bud.


AnniforsciA said...

I lol'd.


P.S. Daily updates make me fantastically happy, like an uneaten Peep.

Scott said...

Oh my gosh! I wish I could work with you. That messing with the Subway girl was gross!

Anonymous said...

Haha Drew sounds funny. Why wont he let u put his picture up!?!

danny said...

Heh, he sounds like fun. I have friends who act like that