Not only is he a connoisseur of slice-n-bake cookies, but he's also a good partner (go figure, hehe). I have a good update to write about a call we went on tonight, but since I wrote one for Drew, I thought I'd do one for Eric. So here are a few humorous quotes and incidents from our dear friend that you all love (to hate), Eric.

Last Week, As We Were Trying to Get in to a Grocery Store Late at Night (for some Slice-n-Bakes!):
Me:"Aw, they're closed."
Eric:"Uhh...I don't know why, it says 'open 6am until midnight!'"
Me:"Eric, it's 2 in the morning."
Eric:"Right, so why aren't they open!?"
Eric:"Oh, right."

Classic Eric Phrases
What the eff-bomb!?
Well ain't that some shit!

While Buying Food:
Drew:"Fatty! Why are you buying so much food!?"
Eric:"Leave me alone!"
Drew:"Christ. Sam, you know if we get a call, fatty here's going to be eating as he drives the medic."
Eric:"Aw, hell, that's nothing. This one time, I was driving lights and sirens while eating a cheeseburger!"
Me:"You know...you didn't really just help your case there."

Driving To a Call:
Me:"There's a bunny. Swerve for the bunny. SWERVE, SWERVE, SWERVE!!!"
Eric:"OH GOD! *swerves all over the place* That was almost really bad."

About Five Seconds Ago:
Eric:*points to a poster of Christopher Reeves* Isn't he dead?
Me:*not paying attention* Who?
Eric:Lance Armstrong
Me:*looks up, realizes who it is, proceeds to burst into hysterical laughter*

Eric provides us with a lot (and oh my god do I mean a LOT) of comic relief. I really like writing these "glimpses into the real lives of my partners" posts. I mean, I always write about Eric and Drew as they are on calls, but you don't know them like I do outside of the EMS world. I know them on campus, at the station, at their houses, at parties, etc. We are all really close, and I like bringing a little more of them into this. If you like reading these, please let me know and I'll be sure to bring you more! Eric will be super easy to write about, haha!



Lucian said...

thats a hottie right there ;-)


Epijunky said...

Okay, I want to work with the people YOU work with.

Our funniest conversation last shift:

Epi: Hey, Sleeping Partner...
Sleeping Partner: "SNOOOOORE"

Yep, that's about it.

Off to another shift, thanks for sharing a few posts that made me snort out loud :)


Scott said...

Yes, these are good posts!

Anonymous said...

I pictured Eric to be like that... too bad hes a bad medic. :-(

Sam... He may need to change his diet!!


danny said...

Don't hit the bunnies!

Odie said...

There's one in every bunch, there's a guy at our house addicted to of all things Tang, he makes tang popsicles that are the nastiest looking things ever.

Applesauce and tang frozen in the freezer.


Did you get that last letter i sent you?

Ryan Davies said...

I love it.