Flying Red Ants

I post this picture on my facebook in an attempt to be all artsy and cool. No, no, instead I get this comment from Drew: "any flying red ants in there?" Hardy, har, har partner. Tell me my camera angle is nifty and you think the grass looks really green, you jerk!

p.s.--There weren't any, I checked.

p.p.s.--New post about an interesting call (or two...) last night coming tomorrow. I had a long and involved night tonight, so I'm just going to hit the sack.


Scott said...

That's pretty good, but I like the one of you with your face to your car door, nervously looking out the window the best to file under "artsy." You look really sweet, but worried in that one.

Hmmmm... I see the grass is a different species than what we have out in this part of the country.

Ohhh! How about composing an artsy-fartsy picture of you somehow looking really angry; like maybe screaming or something? That would be cool!

danny said...

Your grass grows back before the leaves on the trees? That's like the weirdest thing I've seen all day. Unless those trees are dead? They don't look dead.