Jive Translations

When I translated my blog into jive, it gave me some really awesome translations.

Flying Red Ants? Ho-Slappin' Red Ants.
Slice-n-Bakes? Slice-n-Bizzles.
Fatty? F-A-Double-Tizzy.

This proved as a very nice distraction from homework. Thank you, internet! You have pulled through for me once again.

Translate your blog and tell me that at some point you don't literally burst into laughter, I dare you!



Chris said...

Did that to my blog (http://sites.gizoogle.com/index2.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Frantingyorkshireman.blogspot.com) , and struggled to read it! Made me laugh though. Back to work now I guess!

Chris said...

Oh, and have a look at this:


(And how do I include web addresses as links here in comments?)

Epijunky said...

Hehehehe That was good stuff there :)

I'm still laughing.

danny said...

Yeah, I did this a long, long time ago.

I get nauseated when I think about it, too. -> I git nauseated W-H-to-tha-izzen I thiznink `bout it, to.

chris: click here.

Chris said...

Thanks Danny

Cheating Death said...

Instead of translating it in jive you should just stop into our little piece of the ghetto. You get educated pretty damn quick...