Jason Pts. 1 and 2

Many of you may remember "Jason" and his saga. I took the posts down in October because I was afraid. But then I changed my mind, because it's really okay for me to express myself. I hold no grudge against him, and even though I hardly ever see him, when we do we get along great. This happened a while ago, too (longer than the blog lets on, by the way), so it's not nearly as awkward as it might seem.
In any event, I decided to put the story of Jason (Part 1 and Part 2) back up. September was looking kind of sad with only two blog entries, too!

I swear that new post is coming, by the way. This is my birthday week, though, so I have something planned (along with class) every day. I'm even missing out on duty! I'm sure Drew and Eric will keep the county safe in my absence! Too bad I don't get any slice-n-bizzles.



Anonymous said...

Sam, I have just read the two posts, and it seems that this Jason person seems like a jerk. I am not sure why someone would choose to be friends with a jerk. Again, great story telling and no, it is never good to be the other woman...there are so many men out in the world...so many, they are all different...though none of them are like me...sorry for being somewhat rude and very selfish...and you deserve someone who will treat you with respect.

On an irrelevant point, Meris, the news about my grandmother and what I wrote to you about, it is not good. By the way, I wish I could write you a poem or give you a funny line for your birthday just like I did last year...but, I don't.

"Let the love hit you upside the head...and enjoy it!"

Alaina said...

Don't worry, I'll make sure there are a plethora of slice-n-bizzles for you at your party.

Tori said...

I think I might sound kinda bitchy here, but I really don't see why Jason is special. He sounds just like most the guys in my life. I'm an idiot with terrible tastes in guys, but Jason really just sounds exactly like my Will. Trade you? Will isn't an EMT but he is a Park Ranger.

Scott said...