Just Checking

"Station 1, bleeding from the head, 637 West Springlake."
"Medic 1 is en route," I say, flipping the master switch on the lightboard.
We take off towards the scene, and my partner wonders aloud if perhaps this could be due to an assault. If it is, we need PD to meet us there.
"Car 1 is en route," we hear as our chief marks up. He lives much closer to the incident, so he's going to respond first. Less work for us, so that's perfectly fine by me.
"10-4," central responds.
"Central, do you have any more information?"
"Caller states that a chair fell on the patient's head."
"10-4," he replies.
I think for a moment, and after we turn the corner, I pick up the radio.
"Central, was the chair falling on his head secondary to an assault?" My partner laughs.
"That'd be a negative, Medic 1."
"10-4, just checking."

I got a few giggles when I got back to the station, that's for sure.


AnniforsciA said...

Hehe nice. I probably would've done that too.


Scott said...

That sounds to me like somebody SWUNG or threw the chair into the guy's head, like they do on the "wrestling" shows. Of course, the 3rd hand info you get on the radio is probably never all that accurate, seeing as the injured is the one telling the story.