The ol' one-nine

According to my parents, I'm becoming a fire hazard when it comes to lighting candles on my cake...I'm only 19 here, guys, I could be doing a lot worse! I'd like to point out that I was the youngest person in the room during said candle-lighting, by the way... Regardless, we managed to avoid major catastrophes and setting off the smoke detector, so it would seem that my birthday was a success! I'm not exactly sure how one gauges birthday-success, but this seems to work okay for me.

So here's to another year of learning, another year of mistakes, and simply another year.

Thank you Mom and Dad for never giving up on me before I was even born. You guys are basically amazing.


p.s.--I will be making a massive post over here just as soon as I get a few more pictures. The birthday party/theme was great, and I got at least 4 things done in one day!


Epijunky said...


And just for the record, my last eight cakes required more candles than what fit in one box. *sniffle*

My last cake had three candles on one side and two on the other for 32.

For the record, from reading your posts I would have never guessed that you were so young. You are wise beyond your years, girl!

Happy Birthday :)

Scott said...

Happy birthday. What kind of cake is that?

John-Michael said...

Well, My Darling, 48 hours from now you will see the horizons glow from the igniting of my own 62 candles. Yes, this will require fire-suppression equipment and notification of fire-control authorities, but such is the reality of conquering, yet-another, year's challenges and threats [smile].

Blessings and fondest wishes are winging their way from this crusty old heart to the still-vibrant heart of yours.

Happiest Birthday Love is yours from Me!

EE said...

Happy Birthday Sam!

Tori said...

Happy birthday! I remember 19 just made me feel old. I was almost not a teenager anymore! But then I turned 20 and that made me feel worse. And now I'm 21 and I didn't care about getting older because I was too drunk. 22 should be interesting, after 21 there aren't anymore big new responsibilities to look forward to.

tracy said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Sam! Jeepers, i'm old enough to be your momma...in fact, my son's name is Sam too :-) So, you are in Virginia too? Cool, guess you can't say exactly what part, tho. i am taking a class to re-cert emt....and you are only 19 and sooooooo far ahead of me, way to go, m'dear! Thanks for a great blog, tracy

danny said...

Happy belated birthday Sam! :D!!!