So there's this very cool ad campaign running around where I live for the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squads. They have these intense commercials and posters and such that are really attention-grabbing.
It's awesome to see such a high-power campaign for EMS! Just thought I'd share one that I love. If you want to see more, you can check out the website here. It's a pretty interactive site, too.

Well, I'm off to drive back from my home-home to my school-home. Got to get me that job! I'll have that post up soon that I promised earlier :)


Doc Don said...

I like the "Lives Need Saving" website and ads. It is way more professional than I have ever seen done before for a non-profit volunteer organization!

tracy said...

Hi Sam,

Wave, wave...!
Guess who got a really bad finger (add me to the "finger" club!) infection, just days before the State Exam...gah!!! IV and oral antibiotics.....i never thought t h i s would be my exam problem...ha!

thanks for listening and for all you do,

a day in the life said...

My god woman, I don't think I told anyone that story.
You'll probably learn a LOT from that blog you didn't know. The really personal emotional stuff I don't really tell people, so don't feel out of it or anything.
I love you

Scott said...

AH, an ad campaign that targets adrenaline junkies. Good.

Ellie said...

Wow, I really like those! Thanks for sharing