Various Things

I submitted an application to a new transport company. The application said "Can you lift 120 pounds?" *checks* "Mmhmm. I wonder if that was my lift test, 'cause if it was, I just passed with flying colors!" So we'll see what happens there!

Drew and Eric met with the administration today about our campus rescue proposal. I wasn't able to be there because I'm home for this week, but I got a call from Drew. Essentially...we're in. We have to do a little more research about liability and the NCAA's rules, but...we'd be stand-by only. This means that we'd work football games, basketball games, and other major events on campus.
Now, it's not on-call coverage, but that's okay. We understand that we need to prove to the university our commitment and our level of skill, so this is a good starting place. It's actually a better starting place than we expected! So I feel like breaking out a bottle of champagne (or uh...sparkling cider...) to celebrate.

And for all you EMS types out there who are fortunate enough to live near a Sheetz, take a look at this!

Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow at McDonald's you can get a free Southern-style Chicken Sandwich with the purchase of a medium or large drink. I mean, I'm not all about the McDonalds, but free food is free food!


p.s.--RIP Trevor, my little buddy.


Epijunky said...

First of all... Congrats on the campus rescue thing. Absolutely awesome! I know you've put some blood sweat and tears into it. You should be proud.

Secondly... Free coffee? HELLO? If only we had a Sheetz nearby. I'll have to settle on the scary 7-11 dude hitting on me to get my free coffee.

VA FireMedic said...

By the way, its NCAA, not NAACP or whatever you called it :-)

Scott said...

Sheetz? Never heard of it. Must be East coast only.

Your hamster died? I'm sorry!

Congrats on getting your squad. Hold off on that champagne for 2 years!

Ohhh... I think I can spring for a medium Mister Pibb for a free sandwich! Though that must mean that McDonnalds latest chicken sandwich was a complete and utter financial flop if they need to bypass their marketing strategies (well, they are still targeting African Americans with their ads for this sandwich)* and try to GIVE the things away!

*And I think it is so responsible of "healthy" McDonalds to target black people with their ads so much (watch BET and tell me McDonalds doesn't target blacks with their ads), considering that a black man faces twice the hypertension and cardiovascular risk than a white man, and that McDonalds is the very worst fast food place for you. Real smart, trying to kill off your customers!

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Sorry to hear of your little buddies' demise:(

Sheets rocks:)

Great job on the campus ems!

Doc Don said...

Sorry about Trevor. As for the McDonald's, ....."I'm lovin' it".

Anonymous said...

Good job on the campus ems and im sorry about your hampter!

Your hair is beautiful!