Finger (Pt. 2)

First of all, thanks for all the hair comments guys! I appreciate it :)

Tori commented that she couldn't see the cut in the last picture, which is true because I have a grainy camera in my computer. Here's a second picture with my finger farther away. I'll admit...it's small, haha. But from farther away, it should be a little easier to see.

Or maybe I'm just a complainer ;)

I'll have a new post about an um..."interesting" call up tonight.

Until then,


Tori said...

Okay, now I see it. And if you are just a complainer then so am I. Because I would be going off about that too.

Scott said...

I love complaining women. (seriously) I NEED to be needed. So Sam or Tori, one of you needs to marry me, so I can take care of you and be happy and sane. Or Sam, did you get a boyfriend? Anyway, I'm sorry you got a boo-boo!

Bernice said...

Oh my gosh!

Youaregorgeous! Seriously.

And your finger looks like it might hurtie. Actually, last night I had to play EMT for my nephew and his poor little finger.. There will be a blog about it shortly.