Blast From the Past

So I was surfing around facebook randomly and came across this picture from first semester of freshman year. Eric was in the room, watching TV with us or something when my former roommate broke out the camera. I then found myself tackled and restrained by my future partner.

It's so weird, because at this point I wasn't even aware that I was about to become an ambulance driver or an EMT. I certainly never dreamed that I'd be trusting this kid with my life.

But regardless, I love this picture. Just thought I'd share the love :)

Take care,


david mcmahon said...

The best photographs are the un-posed ones!!

Enjoyed your GFT post too!!

tracy said...

awwww, thanks for "sharing the love"...cute picture!

Scott said...

Hmmm... that brings back bad memories of college for me. I used to chop it up with so many amazing ladies in their dorm rooms. Either one on one or me in a whole huge group of women. But I never had the guts to actually hit on any of them or ask them out. I was simply "friend." Maybe they thought I was gay or something.

I hope your partner has the guts to get the girl he wants. Or at least try.

That is a funny picture. You look a tad repulsed. Does he have halitosis?