Of Fallopian Tubes and Baby Geese

So there's this statue at one of the hospitals we transport to. It stands at the front of the Emergency Room entrance with grandeur, spotlit and with benches around it (in case you feel the urge to sit and reflect upon your life after having seen it, I suppose).
(This one taken last night)

I don't know what it's supposed to be, but I do know what it is. It's a gigantic fallopian tube. Now, I've known this since the first time I saw it, but I never knew anyone else agreed with me. Enter my roommate, Liv, who says to me one day "you know how there's that little pond thing right next to the statue of the gigantic fallopian tube?" I could not contain myself. There's another person out there who knows what it truly is! We shared a brief moment where we compared fallopian-tube-statue notes and our communal joy.
(This one taken in the morning)

Well, she continued with her story.

"So when we were returning from the hospital, there were some geese with their babies! They were so cute!" She pulls out her camera and proceeds to show me the pictures of the adorable baby geese.
I promised her next time I was at that particular hospital, I'd take a picture of the GFT (gigantic fallopian tube) and post it here. Well, I did that, but then I also saw the geese! I was so excited.

Count the number of baby geese you see in this picture. I can see about 6. This picture was taken Saturday or perhaps Sunday. Today, there were 3. Very sad. When I told Liv, we then shared another moment, but this one was to remember our poor little geese friends.

Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the three remaining babies, but that's basically okay, since I have the pictures she took.
"You're welcome to use the pictures from my camera!"
"Yeah, but then it'll seem like there are more living than there are..."
"You could...*giggles*...you could put the 'black boxes of death' over them!"
"That's terrible! I love it."

Rest in peace, little buddies!


Chris said...

How do you know that it was *those* goslings that are missing?!

VA FireMedic said...

ok am i missing something? where exactly is this?

Doc Don said...

Love the GFT. LOL.