My Partners

More quotes from the best partners on earth.

On the way back from the hospital:

Me: "Hey, where is the jake-brake on this thing? I hate driving emergency with it on."
Eric: "What!? I love it! Like...you don't have to use the real brake. See?" *takes his foot off the brake as we approach a stop light (with other stopped cars)*
Eric: *slams on the brake* "So...that didn't really work."
Me: *looks at the five inches of space separating us from the car in front* "Yeah."

On the same trip back:

Eric: "That guy has his blinker on; I don't think he realizes it."
Me: "Ugh, that's so annoying."
Eric: *picks up the PA radio* "Your blinker is on."
Truck: *turns blinker off*
Me: "Well...what do you think the odds are that Chief is going to get a call about this?"
Eric: "Pretty damned good."

Just now, sitting on the couch:

Me: *laughing hysterically about something that just happened*
Eric: "What the hell is so funny!? Do you want me to throw this radio at you?"
Me/Drew: *laugh harder*
Eric: "I swear to god, I'll go get my HT 1000 and throw it at you."
Me/Drew: *laugh even harder*
Eric: "I'm going to kill you two." *surfs channels* "Oo, wanna watch Golden Girls?"
Me/Drew: *cannot breathe laughing*


Medix311 said...

Most times, the best laughs I get all shift are when my partner does something ridiculous. Today, he's spent every single free minute playing Grand Theft Auto IV. He's pulled the recliner to within three feet of the TV and complained about how "it looks so much better on my HD TV at home."

Tony said...

If he comes within 5 feet of you brandishing a 1000, duck. They don't call it a brick for nothing. :-)

Great blog!

Alaina said...

hahaha i love it!!

Tori said...

I want a PA to tell people when their blinkers are on. Tell Eric some random girl from the Internet fully approves.

Witness said...

Did that meme you posted.

My company cut out all the PAs in the ambulances because people were doing things like that. It's actually illegal, since we need PAs for MCIs and things, but oh well.