Clorox Commercial

In this post and this post, I talked about a commercial with a little girl in it.

I hadn't seen the commercial again until today, at which point I realized it was for Clorox. It's called "Kid's Don't Know" apparently. I couldn't find a video I could embed, but you can find the 30 second commercial here.

Had a very interesting shift yesterday and this morning. And when I say very interesting, I mean that it was amazing, potentially life-threatening, and embarrassing. As soon as I finish thinking it through, I'll post it here.

Take care out there,


Chris said...

Life threatening? Hope you're OK


Doc Don said...

Clorox ad said, "When their world is cleaner their lives are healthier."

What evidence is there for that claim? Kids play in dirt, swap secretions, acquire viruses and bacteria, and are continually exposed (and expose us) to a veritable cornucopia of microbes.

I do agree that appropriate disinfection of food preparation surfaces and utensils is valuable to reduce the incidence of food-borne illnesses.

I think this commercial plays to our fears rather than a real need that is met by their product.

Scott said...

I wish kids didn't get sick. And I agree with doc don--Chlorox is just using cute kids, fear, and misinformation to sell their products. I know how that stuff REALLY works. I did take microbiology!

I can't wait to read the new story you teased us with! I hope you are okay!

AnniforsciA said...

Is Clorox paying you for the product placements? I can see it now:

"The drive out is uneventful; there's no one on the road. As Eric drives, I break out the Clorox wipes and start rubbing down the dashboard. Turns out the trailer is right down the street, so I don't have much time at all."

Haha, just kidding. That little girl is effin' adorable, by the way.