First Day

I started my job at the podunk transport company today. I was late, because I set my alarm for 4:30pm, not am. I am a winner, clearly.

I have a whole post planned about today, but I am just WAY too tired to even process words correctly.

My GIGANTIC uniform shirt (no, like...this "medium" is eating me whole).
It's 40 minutes away from where I am now, 30 from my future apartment.
Ghetto units. Mismatched equipment, etc.

Good pay
Good people
I'm learning a lot already
Weekly paycheck (yessss)
Very forgiving
Good perks (not benefits)
Good workout every day I'm on shift
Flexible company
Easy paperwork

Sooo yeah, I'll have those two other posts up soon I hope. I'm just so wiped right now; I'm too tired to sleep. My body just won't relax. It was a billion and one degrees today; I probably sweat out half my body weight. The AC broke on one of the units, and another had messed up brakes. I had a great partner today, though, and I go back on Monday.

I still need to hear back from the ER as to when they want me to start...

Take care out there,

p.s.--Thanks for your comments on the pictures post! You all flatter me. Oh, and Eric, you actually do look presentable in that picture ;) See, aren't you glad I forced you into it?

p.s.s--Keep in mind that this is after I shrunk it. This thing is gigantic, and until they get some smalls or extra smalls, this is what I'm stuck with. And in 90+ degree weather and navy BDUs, this is not exactly the best shirt to be in...not to mention that I look ridiculous.


Me said...

Congrats on the job! I've totally made the AM/PM mistake with my alarm clock many-a-times, so I'm glad it seemed to work out well for you.

tracy said...

At my "chatti" part time job, there is rarely a medium available, so i usually end up with a large or extra large...they are long enough to be shirt dresses and make my butt look even fatter as we have to tuck them in...lol!

Congratulations on the job...Yay!!!!

a day in the life said...

Hahaha, your stance is slightly manlike.
But a verrry attractive man like.
I love youuu!
And yes, I miss you.

Tori said...

I have big shirts I sleep in that fit me better than that.

AnniforsciA said...

Bahaaaa I love you.
That's fantastically large.


Bernice said...


I wonder if you could bring the shirt knots back into style...

Fyremandoug said...

Only If she sports the side Pony tail Bernice.

Dear girl shrink the shirt some more...and congratz on the job

John-Michael said...

You couldn't look "ridiculous" if you went to Ridiculous Looking School and took advanced placement classes. You got CLASS that can't be hidden Girl!! An' das a fack!

I am glad that you are learning new things on this new opportunity. I know that you will find the beneficial elements in it.

Loving You!

Rogue Medic said...

It could be worse. Some places wear police style uniforms, button down polyester shirts that make burlap look like silk.