Magic Touch (pt. 1)

"We're not going to get anything life changing, like a cardiac arrest," I say to Anni as we get in the car.
"You never know. I haven't done any of this stuff before, so basically anything I get to see will be cool."
"No, I know, but it would be really neat to show you something intense."
"Really, anything will be awesome."

We drive to the rescue squad, rocking out to Panic! At the Disco and The Spill Canvas on our way. When we get there, we start checking off a medic, and I show her everything.
"This is a combitube," I say as I point out the various parts, "and this is suction tubing."
"Ooo, these are the IV boxes, and these are the drug boxes," I announce as I pull them out respectively.
"Oh cool."
"And this is the jump bag!"
"Oh...what's it do?"
"Um...we just kinda carry it inside with us and use the stuff inside of it."

As we finish checking it off, the tones drop. It's abdominal pain, and it's our all time favorite frequent flier. I don't try to conceal my hatred for her blatant abuse of the system, and I can see Anni trying to hold back some laughter as I say, "so let me get this straight: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizzyness?" Anni and I both scoff when the patient says, "if I say I have chest pain, they won't put me in the waiting room, right?" I make sure to tell the hospital that this one can go straight to triage when I call.

We come back to the station, and eat dinner, fully expecting to sit around doing nothing for the rest of the night. For the most part, we're right.

There are a few uneventful fire alarms, but I shrug them off.

We watch a show about crime scene cleaners, and a woman who works at the body farm.
"I could never do that job," Anni says.
"Dead bodies in advanced decomposition? No thanks."
"Doesn't seem too bad to me," Steve says laughing.
"Yeah, but that's like...what you guys do."

The tones drop, jerking me from my half-hearted attempt at sleep.
"Station 1, possible DOA."
"No," Anni says shaking her head before I can even say anything, "this is all you."

In the medic, we hear that a member from another station is first responding. Soon, we hear that CPR is in progress and that this is a full arrest. I remind myself of our protocols, and crack my knuckles weakly. I'm ready.


Scott said...

Loking forward to the exciting conclusion!

WanabeMD said...

Damn you and the suspense!