(Very, Very Brief) Hiatus

Anni and I were hit from behind twice last night in the pouring rain while driving back to my place. My smart self turned around after the first collision, and when we were hit again, I smacked my head on the plastic seat-belt holder thing and then the passenger's side window.

Everyone is fine, but I have a script for Vicodin and Flexoril, so I'm pretty sure that anything I have to say is going to be ridiculous.

I'm going to finish up the second part to "Magic Touch," (especially since it's the exciting part!), but it might not be until tomorrow or maybe (maaaaybe) Sunday.

In the mean time, you can tell me how suuuuper attractive c-collars make a girl.

Stay safe out there,


crazyrn2be said...

That collar looks very cute on you! Though, I would have asked if it came in a different color, you know like something to bring out the color in my eyes...lol

Glad you are ok!

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks okay I guess...but I am just happy that you and Anni are okay. Keep on, keeping on...and take care of yourself.

Beaker said...

I'm so glad to hear your okay. When you're feeling better you'll have to explain how you get hit TWICE in one night :)

The blue in the collar really brings out those dark blue cirlces under your eyes because I've never noticed them in any other pictures ;)

Beth said...

Holy crap! I hope you're ok. Get better soon!

Medic 66 said...

I usually have to beg to get my girl to wear a c-collar to bed!

Get better!

Fyremandoug said...

The nasal cannula also helps with the fashion statement...nothing says cool like having plastic tubing stuck into your nose. Sam get well soon, Did you self extricate or did the Nozzleheads
(I can say that) have to get you out, and how is Anni. Post car pics
I'll shut up now.

Scott said...

Sam, I am sorry about the accident. You are right, you look very cute as the patient. And you have a beautiful smile, too, although I suspect that is from the happy, happy narcotic bliss you were feeling.

Tori said...

GET BETTER!!!! Prayers with you!

Epijunky said...

Here's a McHottieism for you.

That girl looks hawt in ANYTHING!!!!

I'm glad you're okay hon.

Bill said...

You are telling US to stay safe?
Please, YOU should stay safe.
Hope all goes well.

AnniforsciA said...

Anni here!

In response to some above comments, I'm totally fine (except for a tiny bit of pain in my neck). I didn't even get to ride to the hospital with my Sam, I just stood sobbing with nerves by my car as they carted her off. Speaking of which, I was able to drive my car off the scene, and the only thing wrong with it is a crushed back bumper and shattered taillight on the left side.

I'll send pics to Sam to post here as soon as I take some.
Thanks for the concern, guys.

Medix311 said...

So sorry this had to happen to you. I'm glad that you're okay. Heal up quick, okay.

Nikki said...

It's weird to be on the receiving end of that stuff, huh? But wearing a c-collar and getting your nose tickled by a nasal cannula kinda makes you feel a little more empathetic the next time you have to do it to someone else. You seem to be about as accident-prone as me, though, if not more, so I'm sure you already know this. ;P

I was coming over to thank you profusey for your comment - you put a lot more hope into me than I had for myself, and flattered me half to death! Imagine my surprise to be met with a picture like that.

Feel better, dear, and try not to let the blackmail material stack up too quickly while you've got that Vicodin scrip... if you know what I mean.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Sam! OMG! Get better fast!

Witness said...

sunsets and car crashes.

I'm glad you're alright - sheesh. I never like to see someone I know as a patient!

Medblog Addict said...

Feel better soon!

Now I'm gonna go out and get me one of those cute c-collars.

John-Michael said...

OK ... Thanks for the sample. But I prefer the undamaged and unhurt variety. So, let's just back the tape up and edit the 'injury' part out. OK? What? Not possible?! Damn it! I don't want that Sweet Soul to suffer even a moment's discomfort. Make it go away.

If only I could.

Loving You.