Miscellaneous Stuff, per usual

I have a lot more to do with Janice. She's definitely not done yet.

On a side note, to he who suggested that Janice is me in some way, yeah, sure. Every character I create has parts of me, every situation I describe somehow has to do with one I've been in (even in the most cursory ways, or perhaps only in a dream). Obviously, if it comes from my head, it has a part of me in it. For instance, I drive stick-shift. But every character I write (even Sam) isn't me. If I were to write about myself, it would most likely be a diary. I guess I just get a little upset when people automatically assume that a main character is me, or a disguised version of me.

Wow, rant much?

I started writing this entry to say that although I have a lot more to do for Janice, and I need to finish "Magic Touch," I cannot possibly do it right now. Final day of orientation was today (did I really need 4 hours of instruction on how to do glucoses, hemoccults, gastroccults, and urine pregs? No. I've worked in a doctor's office for a long time now, it's all gravy. Incidentally the iStat machine is probably the coolest thing ever. Bedside lab results in <2 minutes!), and I start for real on Monday. I'm back to the transport job tomorrow (and Friday), and...yeah.

So as soon as I get enough time to breathe a little, I'll finish up these stories :) Thanks so much for your feedback and support. As always, you all never cease to amaze me in your kindness.

Take care out there,

p.s.--Just because you don't put your name on an anonymous comment doesn't mean it's anonymous. Keep that in mind.

p.p.s.--Drew is coming back one weekend in early July to run with us at the station. Yay! I can't wait to have some canon characters back in my posts :P


Anonymous said...

Sam! I havent posted in a while, but i read about your accident... sorry about that!!Im sure your feeling ok. Im glad to see that the "trio" will be back again soon... did you all split up?


Medix311 said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling well enough to get back to work. Good luck with the new job--and I definitely feel your pain about overly long and unnecessary orientations. Be safe, and thanks for your kind words about my wife and I.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Just take care of yourself! We'll wait for your next story's update:)