Janice (pt. 2)

Thanks a lot guys for commenting on the last post! I spent all day thinking about Janice, and decided what I'm going to do with her. I hope it doesn't let you down!"

On her way home from work, Janice thought about her cat. She liked to think about going home rather than the work she had to do tomorrow, because she had decided at an early age that she wouldn't bring work home with her.

She passed the same buildings she had passed for years, and as she shifted out of gear to stop for the red light, she noticed something new. Far in the distance, something reflected the sun back in her eyes. She peered at it curiously but couldn't quite make it out. Changing lanes to approach it faster, she realized it was just some graffiti written in silver spray paint.

But before she could write it off, she saw that it wasn't the usual "TITS!" or "Steve Wuz Here!" that she normally saw. The building was covered in colorful writings, but this one stood out. She didn't know why, though, there was nothing special about it. In simple, plain print, someone had written, "Nothing is as I planned it."

She laughed and nodded her head in agreement. "You and me both," she said aloud and switched on the radio. Singing along loudly to "Wanted Dead or Alive," she put it out of her mind. It was back to her cat and his upcoming vet appointment.

For the next few days on her way to and from work, she passed the scrawled message. She looked at it each time, and each time she gripped the wheel tighter as she thought about her own life. But after she'd pass it, her mind would go back to whatever it was on before, and she went on with her day at work or her evening at home.

Thursday night, as she made her late commute home, there was an addendum to the message. "Take this as a sign," was added underneath the original thought, only this one was bright orange. It leaped from the wall into the forefront of her mind and refused to leave. The wall seemed to be speaking to her. This was her wall with her sign, and although she felt silly for thinking it, she knew something had to happen.

It was that Thursday night that Janice decided to change her life.


Witness said...

I don't think Janice would drive stick.


Epijunky said...

"Nothing is as I planned it."

Absolutely, Sister.

I love it. Go... write.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Keep going!

Bernice said...

More! More! More!

I LOVE that she drives stick. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Getting better...it seems though that, Janice is you in some way. You may say no, but I am saying "yes" it is. If not, who cares...you are setting it up quite well...keep going!

tracy said...

" Nothing is as i planned it". Amen. Sounds like the story of my life. :p

danny said...

You should write a novel.