Orientation Day 1

Well, somehow or another, I managed to make it through Office Space-style orientation hell (complete with icebreakers, slideshows, cutesie sayings and slogans, and .gif animations) at the hospital.

Best quote of the day would have to be:
"Now I know that some of this may seem repetitive. It's not. We just need to repeat it to get a point across."
Last time I checked, that fit the definition of "repetitive" pretty darn well.

And, via text:
Me: "If someone tells me that the pt comes first one more time...god"
Witness: "Oh, patients come first?!"
Me: "I mean, i guess...news to me!"
Witness: "Sheesh, I thought lunch and whatever I wanted was number one."
Me: "Nah, that's EMS ;)"
Witness: "Fire."
Me: "Oo yeah"

Thank goodness for friends who keep me entertained during breaks :P It was especially good because I was sitting next to a firefighter who leaned over to me and said, "I'm not used to this 'patients come first' stuff...I'm a firefighter." Love it.

Next I get to learn how to lift and move patients! Yipee! At least I know now that I'm not cut out for the corporate world.

H'anyway. I'm currently wrapped up in Twilight. It's awesome. I seriously have a hard time putting it down. So I apologize if my posts are a little scattered between now and the time I finish it!

And if you haven't looked already, please check out Normal Sinus! There are two late additions to this week's post as of an hour ago :) Let us know if you have any ideas for themes!

Take care out there,

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