Thank You, Again

And, once again, you all never cease to amaze me. Thank you for the comments, the IMs, the emails, and phone calls.

I have to make a pretty urgent trip home tomorrow morning, so I'm not sure when I'll be back. But, as you all remind me, I need to make sure that me and mine are okay before I worry about the rest of you all (who are all very near and dear to my heart).

To those of you that I speak to regularly, thank you once again for all your love and support, and I'll keep you updated the best that I can.

I know I keep saying this, but thank you. The support is incredible, and it means more than you can know.

Witness, Epi, etc: You mean the world to me.



Epijunky said...

You're our Sam.

I know it's humbling to get so much support...But you're our Sam and we adore you.

Go take care of what you need to, and remember we're here if you need us. And be safe driving. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

what epi said. *hugs*

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Same here Sam, good luck with your troubles and stay safe!

Scott said...

Oh! I can call you, too! But I'll wait until a more decent hour!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for your family and you...I just hope that everything will be okay...and hopefully, you will begin to find some emotional balance in your life...I will try to write a poem today, tonight or sometime...it helps. Take care.

Bernice said...

I'll be thinking about you missy. I hope all is well and that you can enjoy your weekend. Hang in there.

Bernice said...
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Fyremandoug said...

Family First